To be or not to be? Human or robot?

A robot is a machine that resembles a human in moving and performing actions.

Robotic industry is developing rapidly and many are thinking of making robots part of the society as they make people’s lives easier and more comfortable than in the past years.

Despite its young age, robotic industry is in fact growing in sales every year in major oriental nations such as China, Korea and Japan. western nations such as the US, Germany and Italy are trying to do the best to beat the competition. The reason for that is the fact that many see great potential in this new branch of engineering.

In fact, the estimated supply of robots worldwide is about 254,000 in 2015 from a mere 60,000 in 2009. Since then these numbers can only have increased. The estimated market value of the robotic industry is about US$35 billion.

Our thought is that robots should be part of our everyday life but they should not substitute humans, exception made for special jobs and emergencies, e.g. radioactive hazard situations, a human worker missing or holidays time when humans should not work.

The reason that brought us to this opinion is the fact that robots would alter the society and the economy too much.

In fact, on one side robots are more productive, less expensive and more flexible.

However, on the other side, they are also not reliable due the fact that they don’t have a brain of their own, therefore they can be manipulated.

They would also change society too much since people are not used to robots and the labour world would be unbalanced. Things like craftsmanship and hand working for example would be lost and consequently we would lose pieces of human culture.

In conclusion we can say that robots would be better workers than humans but they would modify the world’ balance too much. We may like it or not, but working is part of the life of every human and it can’t be replaced by a machine doing it for us.

Therefore we are against an overuse of robots in favour of a society more balanced and traditional.

Emanuela Braghieri

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