Beauty and the beast (2017)

The plot concerns about a young prince living in a big castle who is transformed into a beast by a magician. Some years later, a young girl named Belle lives with the father in a small village near the castle.

One day she goes looking for her dad, because he got lost in the wood.

Thanks to the help of his horse she finds the big castle where the beast keeps the father captive; she decides to remain in the castle as beast’s prisoner to save her father.

The film is set in the heart of France in the 18th century and the acting is amazing, the cast is composed by well-known actors like Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The film is directed by Twilight's film director, Bill Condon.

There are a lot of special effects which create a magic atmosphere and the themes are love, friendship and the world of dreams.

I loved it because it allowed us to imagine we were children, so I recommend this movie to everybody!

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